Lacking Ambition is the outlet of a financially-independent 30 year old who’s easing his way into an early retirement. I’ve been financially independent for a couple of years now though I haven’t declared myself retired just yet.

I have a law degree, some savings from my time as a utility lineman, and three mortgage-free houses. The bulk of my education was paid for by scholarships. I’ve built up my savings through work, frugality, and good habits. I have no debt and make a hobby of investing. I’ve never received any substantial gifts or inheritances. I find my relation to money, education and career makes me different from most of my peers. After increasing my real estate holdings just a bit more I look forward to a modest retirement spent hiking mountains, studying independently, tinkering with robots, gardening and reading all day.

I don’t like careerists, “networking events”, or when people make major life decisions based upon how something might look on their resumé.