Starting The Back Stretch

The undergraduate degree is all taken care of and now I embark on the graduate work. The plan is to get through 3 steady years, including summers, of part-time law school, starting next month.  I expect the first year to be immensely interesting as I delve into the subject. The second year to be the most difficult, psychologically, as I will begin to feel a bit fatigued yet still have a long way to go. And the third year to be fairly easy since I will be well into the swing of things and be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

After passing the bar exam I intend to go right back to school to pick up one last degree; a masters in engineering. Mostly because I find the subject interesting, and it will make me more confident about quitting my job since finding a high-paying job with such credentials should be much easier, should I ever need to resort to that. The masters ought to only take 1 year.

After that last degree I believe I’ll finish up a few loose ends before finally quitting my job (and hopefully working for a salary all-together) for good. I’d like to spend my fifth year attaining a pilot’s license, taking a SCUBA course, learning to sail and perhaps taking a few automotive/welding/plumbing/basic electrical wiring courses to make me a little handier when it comes time to build that house I hope to someday have.


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