A Month Off

I put in for a 30 day leave of absence from work which started last Monday. I’m one week into it and I couldn’t feel better. My new occupation is a leisurely hike across Massachusetts on the Midstate Trail.  I started with a solo 12-mile hike on Monday followed by three more hikes with a friend which covered another 25 miles or so. With that behind me I’ve got about 55 miles left to go. I think I’ll be wrapping this project up by the end of next week.

I’m thinking of this break from work as yet another “retirement preview”. My last one was almost 3 years ago, before I took my current job, when I was unemployed for over 6 months. That, too, was also fantastic. When I go back to work in 3 weeks I’ll have just 2 weeks left until Law School begins. Perhaps it’s insane,  but I am looking forward to classes again. The structure and quick pace of progress is motivating. The studies should be interesting and, frankly, I’m predicting will be a touch easier than my last semester since I’m limited to taking fewer classes and there will be far fewer assignments.

So next week I’ll be finishing up the Midstate. The following week I will begin the process of packing up all my stuff for my move into Boston the following weekend as well as preparing for a weekend camping trip up in Vermont. My last week of vacation I’ll probably spend puttering around Boston, getting to know my new neighborhood.

A Field Along My Hike

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