I have graduated, putting an end to my undergraduate work, and now I am well on my way into the summer. Grad school starts next month. I still have about 4-5 years left to freedom, when the burden of both school & work will be lifted almost simultaneously and I will be able to spend my days as I wish.

In the meantime I expect my graduate work will be interesting and, so long as I keep the pressure off myself to try and outperform all my peers, it should be fairly easy. Around this time next year my income will be topping out at the maximum rate for my current job. That ought to put my savings on a faster track making my monthly progress more pronounced and hence, more satisfying.

Again, rumors of layoffs abound at work. I’m less worried this time around since the same thing happened last year, and the year before around this same season. Things slow down a bit for 3 weeks and people panic. Still, next year I know I will be even less worried. I’ll have one year of grad school behind me. I’ll have the financing for the 2nd year already paid for. And I’ll have a year of unemployment income to look forward to while I focus on my studies. Then I’d only have to find financing for my final year of school the following summer. I would be far ahead of my peers financially.

But anyway, as luck will likely have it, I’ll be toiling away at my manual labor each day for another 5 years while I toil away at my academic work each evening. Though it can sometimes feel pointless, the progress is fast and I am heartily rewarded for it with a feeling of future financial security and a modicum of respect for my effort.

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