Last Semester

I don’t much care for facebook. But it seems not being on there is like not having a telephone (I don’t care much for those either come to think of it), so I have an account that I log in to a couple of times a week. I’m strictly a voyeur.

So it was during my last visit that I saw all my law school friends were in a hub bub because last semester’s grades just came out. I had kind of forgotten all about them.

I’ve never much cared about grades. In fact, I even went to a school for a brief stint that had a policy of not telling you your grades. They didn’t want you to worry about what your teacher thought of you, and instead wanted you to focus on your own engagement with the materials. In place of report cards you instead got a meeting with all your teachers simultaneously, once per semester, where you were invited to have a round-table discussion about your progress. – Perhaps a far more frightening thing to face for the grade-obsessed than a mere report card.

But I’m not in school to get grades, or to please teachers, or to impress a future employer. So it was with the slightest of curiosity that I checked my marks from last semester. I did fine.

And so now begins my last semester of my graduate education, which is mostly just mopping up some classes that I’m not particularly interested in, but that I really should take before I graduate (though sometimes those kinds of classes turn out to be more interesting than I anticipate). I have to confess, although I love most of the material I’ve worked with in school, I am looking forward to life without classes. Since I returned to finish my undergrad work and then went straight to law school, I’ve now been in school for five consecutive years. Much of it done will simultaneously working full-time, participating in internships, and learning to rehab a house.

The bar exam will be my last hurrah. – A sprint to the finish at the end of the marathon. After which I intend to collapse into an intellectual bowl of jelly for at least a month.

I’ll still have work to do acquiring rental properties. But that stuff isn’t too hard, it just takes time. And by the following summer that ought to be close to being, if not completely, finished up as well.

So just about overnight I’ll be going from full-time work & school for almost 5 years straight, to about as close to zero obligations as a modern man can get. I’m eager and unworried.


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