Blasting Zone

Most people I hear talk about reducing liabilities explain about how they feel good about chiseling away at their debt each month. My style, on the other hand, is to use dynamite. Rather than chipping away consistently with regular payments, I dump large windfalls into projects.

The last debt I have left in my life is a few thousand dollars in student loans. And after the payment I just scheduled goes through it will be down to a couple of thousand dollars. Then, hopefully by the end of the month, if not then in early May, it will be down to zero and I will be completely debt free for the first time in a long time.

I have found that if I put in for a fair amount of overtime at work in a week then I can cover all of my expenses for the month with my pay from just one weeks’ work. So the last 3 weeks of income can go right into savings. The result is a great feeling as I watch giant chunks (entire pay checks) get dumped into savings accounts. Or, in this case, in killing off the last of the old tuition baggage.

Just a few more pay periods and it will be all gone. And then I will be able to pick up my degree at commencement in June and be amazed at how light it feels in my hands.


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