The Trainyard Before Dawn

I had to get up early this morning. In an effort to reduce my commuting costs for school, I often schedule lots of those extra things, you have to sometimes do, into a single day to prevent me from having to make a special trip just to take care of some chores. But that pretty much means scheduling things early in the morning, since all my regular classes are in the afternoon and early evening.

So that means, once in a while, I have to be to an appointment by 8 am, which requires waking up around 4:45 am just to give me time to shower, put on a suit, and ride the train in.

Waking up to a relentless buzzing alarm has to be the worst way to start your day. I can’t believe I use to do it five or six days a week, regularly, for years. And the idea that I could entertain the thought of keeping that schedule again in the future is madness.

Fortunately, now-a-days, I only get up at this hour about once a month or so. That’s just often enough to remind me how much I hate it and how grateful I am for the 29 or 30 other mornings each month when I can wake up to the sun on my face, rather than a buzzer in my ear. And I know that on those rare occasions when I have to wake up five hours after I’ve gone to bed, at least I have the rest of the month to catch up on my sleep. – Rather than chronically being sleep deprived like so many people force themselves to be.

There’s just one year of school left at this point. I’m predicting that after graduation the number of early mornings will go from one every 3 to 4 weeks to one every 3 to 4 months. Though, I’ll have to give up sleeping in for Lent or something, once in a while, to remind me how lucky I am to not have to endure it all the time.

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