I got excited on Sunday thinking about businesses. A friend is skipping law school in September in order to focus full-time on developing his home-grown business. It put thoughts in my head of spending the summer working on an old project of mine. But ultimately I don’t think that I ought to. First, I would lose the relaxation of the summer that I am going to need after my full course load this spring to recharge for the start of law school in September. Secondly, if I did go through with it and succeeded in launching it, that would be yet one more thing to be managing on my way through law school.

On the other hand: There is that great sense of excitement that comes from building something up. Perhaps that would be just the recharge I need over the summer. And the couple hours a week managing the business once law school starts could be a nice hobby to have to pull me away from my obligations when I need a break from the tedius stuff.

Basically this all boils down to one thing: I can’t wait for school and work to be done with in 3 years so that I can focus on my passions. In the meantime I just have to do my best to enjoy classes and look to find that quiet dignity and joy in my daily work.

Quiet Dignity

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