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I went to school for 2  1/2 years right out of high school. I studied classics. During junior year I started spending a lot of my spare time studying computer science. I was absorbed by it.

To add to it classes started getting frustrating. Issues that had been resolved freshman year were being brought back up, often times I think just so that people could hear themselves talk. My peers, with grad school on the horizon, started becoming very aware of their grades and consequently what the teachers thought of them. It ruined class. So being the idealist I’ll always be I dropped out.

A year later I tried a state university and was completely dissapointed. I dropped out after one semester.

Now I’m in a job where they will pay my tuition, no strings attached, so I figure it’s worth another shot. It’s an Ivy League school but I’m going part-time so it’s kind of the back door in. Which is appropriate given my sexuality.

On Friday I had to deliver a letter of credit from my employer stating that they will cover the expenses. I got a little scared. In line in front of me at the registration office was this woman who asked one obvious and inane question after another. Now I’m sure my classes will be filled with types just like her and this will be yet another trial of my patience day after day, class after class. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Still, I do look forward to having a bit of an oasis in my week. I’ll be able to get there early and spend some time at the library before class. Perhaps catch dinner with a friend before or afterwards.

Conveniently I’ll be able to take the commuter rail right there. Maybe catch a nap during the ride or get some homework done on the laptop.

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