Yeah, we’ve got that.

Last Thursday I was a little careless at work. I had some fine crafting to do with my fingers that required the concentration of a surgeon so I sat down in the grass and proceeded to tie a piece of glass to a piece of string in such a way so that neither would break even when great pressure was exerted on the connection. Sitting in the sun and enjoying the day I took off my hard hat and placed it in my lap and took pride in the care I was taking with my work. Finally done I gave a sigh of relief and stood up briskly, hat in hand. Too bad I hadn’t thought to place it on my head because next thing I know I was recoiling in pain from having wacked myself on the fiber optic terminal I was working at. After holding back some curse words I went and sat in the truck to wait out the pain. Very quickly I realized I’d drawn blood. – Nothing new.

Thinking it would heal up soon enough I got back to work a few minutes later. An hour after that I doused my head in some water to clean off the blood thinking it had clotted up but to my surprise the wound was still bleeding. At that point I realized I’d probably need a few stiches and started making arrangements to head over to the ER. Called the boss and dispatch and let everyone know. They were all very non-chalant about it.

No line at the ER so I went right in. A pleasant MD in her mid 40’s decided that a few staples would do the job. She put a bit of novacaine on the spot and a few minutes later inflicted the greatest pain I have ever felt in my life when she shot 3 staples into my skull.

“Odd, you shouldn’t even have felt that.”

“I felt all of it.”

After some discussion about my history she diagnosed me as someone who metabolizes novocaine so quickly that it’s virtually ineffective as a pain killer. – Very rare. She gave me a couple of very powerful pills as a bit of an apology.

Because of the accident I was given Friday off to recover. I felt fine when I woke up so I decided to go get my car, which was still in NYC from when it broke down last weekend. I got a ride to the MBTA commuter rail station, took that train into Boston, then a quick hop on a couple of subway trains into South Station, then I got a ticket on the Acela to NYC. It was my first time on the speed train. It safely goes 150 mph in places. Which is, believe me, very fast. Then my friend picked me up at the station and took me to the garage where my car was. My poor car. My stupid car.

I paid the whopping repair bill and started driving home. I chain smoked tobacco and ate candy bars to keep me awake while I searched for something to listen to on the AM radio on the ~3 hour ride home praying the whole time that the car would make it. It did and I’m very happy once again.

So about $12 to get to South Station. $116 for the Acela ride and $348 for the repair work. Yikes!

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