The Cure-All for Being Overwhelmed

With a full-time job and a 20 credit course-load feeling overwhelmed is basically my default position. Throw on top of that a relocation to a new apartment a couple of weeks ago and you have a recipe for a potential mental break-down. This morning I was looking at the pile of academic work that I have ahead of me for the next week and a half or so and I was feeling a little despair. But now, it’s the end of the day and I’ve completed a 6 page paper, watched one lecture, completed a problem set, fiddled with my finances and am poised to begin another lecture and problem set before bed. I feel alot better about things than I did last night simply because all of this work is behind me.

I did have some time over last weekend when I could have had a head-start on all this work but I opted for some video-gaming Paper Stackinstead. If I had done all the work on Saturday and Sunday as opposed to today and tomorrow I could be playing video games today with the added benefit of feeling good about myself for having all my work done. But oh well, perhaps I needed that downtime to recover from the work week and psych myself up for the academic sprint going on right now.

It is clear to me though that I underestimate in the morning just how manageable everything will feel at the end of a productive day.

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