Half Way Done Law School

Edging up against Christmas, I just finally have finished my last exam of the semester. Now it’s just the spring to go, and then one final academic year and I’ll be through with law school. It’s too bad really, I’m rather enjoying myself.

My peers all seem to be stressed out and over-worked. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so laid back about exam results, or because I’m some kind of genius, but I just don’t seem to end up working nearly as hard as my peers do. I hear stories of people spending 3 weeks in the library, six days a week, ten hours a day studying for the same exams that I prepare for by going over my notes for maybe 3 or 5 hours the day before the exam. I just took a three hour exam where we were allowed to compile an outline to bring into the test room with us for reference. Mine was eleven pages long. Everyone else had 75-100 pages of notes. How are you going to utilize 100 pages of notes during a three hour exam???

Now, granted, I’m only pulling a 3.5 GPA. But if a 0.5 difference in GPA requires twenty times more effort, why bother? Better to spend my time rehabbing a house and securing my financial future in other ways rather than trying to impress a potential future employer (especially when there may not even be one if I choose to retire or start a solo practice instead), and ruining my love for the subject by beating myself over the head with it.

I went into law school with a bit of reluctance. If my real dream is just to be some kind of gentleman farmer, why bother with all this? But a 100% scholarship + some free time on my hands sealed the deal. I can’t afford my self-built home and acres of land yet, so why not get that degree in the meantime while my savings accumulate? But now that I am in the midst of it, I’m an enthusiastic student. The law is a playground. There are boundaries and principles, indisputable logic and fuzzy definitions of ‘reasonableness’, where you strive to create a more just world, but if you get the wrong client, you settle for just having fun seeing how clever you can be.

So I am at the halfway mark. The last half is about half as difficult as the first half. So things should be even easier from here on out. Now it’s time to enjoy my winter break, polish the resume to see if I can’t land another interesting summer internship, and get back to work fixing up that jalopy of an investment house of mine. – Oh, and maybe some video games.

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