The Countdown

This summer will mark the beginning of the last 5 years in my current job. 3.3 more years to finish law school and 1.3 to pick up a Masters I’m interested in getting. Sometimes I think I ought to stay on just one more year in order to get training in a few other things like welding or astronautics. But then I think, I could just learn those things on my own from a book, no need for any more formal training.

So, when I do quit, I ought to have gotten 3 degrees (ALB, JD, MSE) at zero cost for tuition and have saved up a personal trust that will be just shy of $300k during the six year career.

At that point I think I ought to take six months to a year to do some sailing/cycling/adventuring. Then come back and try my hand at law for a few years while I work my trust up to $500k-$700k. Then quit for good and indulge my entrepreneurial side or work towards a PhD.

I think when I get down to the last 1 to 2 years of work I will start a countdown calendar to tick off the weeks until quitting day. Until then I’ll just close my eyes for the ride and hope I come out the other end with a JD.

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