The Ice Storm of 2008

I’m writing this retrospectively as I haven’t really had a moment to sit down since the ice storm hit.

A storm struck New England coating everything in ice. The news-people all said it was the worst ice storm in 20 years. It seems every 4-6 years they are saying something is the worst something in 20 years. The whole thing makes me suspicious of people’s judgments of the power of storms and their perceptions of just how long 20 years actually is.

As soon as the storm was over we were required at work to put in a minimum of 12-hour days, though mostly they were 14-hour days, without a day off, until further notice. This went on for almost 3 weeks. Luckily Christmas Day was about two weeks into the emergency so we at least had that day off to rest. Needless to say I made a ton of money which helped me to max out my IRA for the year. But those hours take a toll. On the old guys, they get body aches but their souls have already been beaten into submission by the work-a-day corporate life so, otherwise, they’re happy to get the money so that they can go buy something else or pay off some debt. With the young guys though, our bodies are youthful enough to take the work without pain, but our minds ache with thoughts of better things we could be doing with our time. With me, it just makes me look forward to the end of my schooling when I’ll be able to finally quit and live life as mine should be lived, restfully.

In the meanwhile, like a prison sentence, I serve my time earning pay checks in the day and academic credentials at night while my desire to tinker, invent and create gets tucked away in a corner. I await the day when I can take it out again and hope that I don’t find it spoiled.

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