Homemade Cigars

I took a weekend up in northern Vermont a few weeks ago to visit some friends. I stayed over at a friend of a friend’s house and, as it turns out, he’s an enthusiastic tobacconist much like myself. He grows several varieties of tobacco, cures and ferments them in his barn, and smokes them in a pipe throughout the year.

Happy to be with someone who shares a passion for smoking (hard to find since modernity has deemed it unfashionable) we talked about it at length. At the end of my stay he was happy to hand over a couple of dozen leaves to me so I could smoke them in cigarettes and try my hand at rolling a cigar. He only smokes pipes so he wasn’t quite sure about cigar-rolling techniques.

Of course, when I got home, the internet came to the rescue and I got together just enough information to think that I actually could roll a cigar. Below is a photograph of the result. It smoked much better than it looked.

Now, of course, I’m thrilled to try growing my own leaves starting next spring. With a cellar full of homemade wine and a humidor packed with homemade cigars I’m not sure I’d be able to feel much richer. Now I just need to set aside 12 years or so so I can try my hand at putting together my own well-aged scotch.

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