Fall Mid-Terms

Over the last couple of months I have either been working 60+ hour weeks and/or staying on campus after class in the library until the wee hours of the evening in order to get reading and papers completed on time or ahead of schedule. It has been a somewhat heroic schedule but I am now embarking on a 5-day weekend, thanks to Veteran’s Day and a couple quirks of the work schedule, with most of my academic work completed ahead of schedule. To top it all off I have recently cleaned up the place and so don’t even have any chores on the agenda. I am completely unscheduled for the next few days.

I will be catching up on sleep, exercise and relationships with the extended family.

I will be quite pleased in a couple of weeks when all of my law school applications are submitted so I can just sit back and await the responses.

A couple of weeks after that I will have class registration for the spring semester all taken care of and graduation will finally be within my grasp.

A year ago I knew this semester would be the most difficult one of my undergraduate studies. Mostly because I anticipated beginning to feel a bit burnt-out and I knew the full course load plus law school applications and LSAT would be a lot to deal with. But I am half-way through and managing quite well. In fact, I am more than half-way through all the work, since I am completing assignments well ahead of schedule. And with spring registration coming up, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am feeling my second-wind.

Similarly, I anticipate that the 2nd year of law school is going to be the toughest. For the first year I will simply be so excited to no longer be an undergrad that the semesters will just slide right by. And in the third year I will be so close to the finish-line that I’ll enjoy every minute of class. But that second year will be a little rough. I’ll have thoughts like, “Will it really be worth two more years of this???” And I will have to console myself with vacations, cigars and alcohol. It is a tried and true formula and being able to predict my future-psyche makes it much easier to self-manage my mood. I’ll recognize my second-year dismay for what it is since I’ll be anticipating it, and instead of actually seriously entertaining thoughts like dropping out or taking a semester off or transferring to divinity school, I’ll simply deal with it with my self-coddling strategies and tough it out until the 3rd year when I’ll be home-free.

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