A House!

After over two months of shopping around I have finally got myself a house. It was a bank-owned foreclosure that I got for a paltry sum of money. The transaction was all cash so I had no need to bother with loans, closing fees or concerns about my credit report. I, by the way, have no idea what my credit score is or looks like and I don’t particularly care as I have no plans to ever finance anything ever again.

It’s a small, two bedroom single-family home on a secluded lot about a mile from the center of a small, central Massachusetts town. It has a few issues that I intend to take care of over the next month or so on my long weekends between classes. Hopefully I can start looking for a tenant by January and then start shopping for the next property.

It’s a sound property structurally, but it does need a lot of cosmetic and finishing work, all of which I’ll be doing myself. It needs a new kitchen floor, could use some new carpets, there is some interior painting that needs to be done, appliances need to be put in the kitchen and a new furnace needs to be installed. But everything else is in terrific shape.

It’s a place I wouldn’t mind living in myself sometime if the need ever arose.

With this property under my belt I am closer to FI than ever. I’m very confident that, come graduation, I will be financially independent and looking for work will be more of a novelty than a necessity.

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