House Hunting Day 60ish

I have been shopping around for an investment property for over a month now. I have contacted a couple of real estate agents but all they seem to want to do is show me buildings out of my price range that are either unrentable or not in any need of rehab and that I am not even remotely interested in. If I tell you I am interested in paying cash for a distressed property and rehabbing it, why on earth would you try to drag me out to look at a newly finished, overpriced, 5 bedroom house in the country??? Hoping that I’ll “fall in love with it”? I’m a childless, unmarried 26 year old male, get a clue.

So I have been going things alone, tracking properties on the internet, contacting the selling broker to arrange showings, and making offers on the spot. So far I have been prepared to submit three offers but when calling to do so was informed the property was already in negotiations and I have also submitted two written offers, only to be outbid. I suppose such is the way when you’re dealing with bottom-of-the-barrel foreclosures.

All the properties I have seen are bank-owned, cash only affairs that have been sitting empty for several months and, before that, were lived in by owners who couldn’t care less about maintenance since they knew they were being kicked out. Or owners who were even taking out their anger, at their situation or the bank, on the property through outright vandalism.

I am hoping to nab one of these properties soon so I fan fix it up and either put it back on the market or get it rented out, which one I do will depend on the property I get.

Anyway, here’s hoping this won’t take another 60+ days.

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