I just finished reading John Adams’ biography. I feel a kinship with the man, being that we grew up in a similar way, went to the same school, have similar scholastic interests. Adams’ pontificating on the beauty of his farm that he would ride around on horseback in his old age is particularly comforting.

My ride to class is so pleasant. I pass by farms, grazing cattle, old New England towns, Walden Pond, world class universities and forests upon forests. I catch these scenes whenever I take a break from whatever legal treatise I happen to be reading to look out the window.

I think a lot of the discomfort I feel about school is actually discomfort about the uncertainty of my financial future and the potential lost income I am missing out on by being in class instead of getting to work. Those feelings go away when I focus on the property rental income I will soon be able to collect and the idea that I will be simultaneously going to school and working towards financial independence at the same time. – Rather than simply digging myself into debt and pushing financial independence farther off into the future by waiting until graduation to start making money.

Sometimes I think, once this advanced degree is done, that will be it. I will be so happy to be done with formal education. But once in a while I get this romantic notion that I will go to divinity school, or study art history, or get an MA in physics. Riding the train in the morning and tending to my investments on the weekend like a New England scholar-gentleman of old.

Adams, as a boy, told his father that he would prefer to work rather than go to school. His father, thinking to teach him a lesson about working for a living, let the boy take the day off of school. He woke him at the crack of dawn, worked him to the bone, sweating all day tending the field and the livestock and at the end of the day asked Adams how much he liked the idea of working for a living now. Adams replied, “I like it very much.”

The next day his father made him go back to school. And so off to class I go.

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