Enjoying Class

I have been enjoying class a lot more lately. The summer semester is in swing and I’m taking a modern history course and a computer science course. Heading to campus on my motorcycle after work is enjoyable after a day of work in the summer heat. It cools me down and raises my mind to romantic thoughts of adventure and possibilties.

I have a bit of a leg up in my computer science class since I have a fair amount of programming experience. Though, since I was self-taught, I missed out on the bigger concepts in the science aspects of CS when I skipped right through to the engineering possibilties. It is nice to now go back and gain a better hold on what exactly I am doing when I write a conditional statement. I am enjoying the CS class a lot more than I ever have any other college course.

It seems I somehow conditioned myself in the past to think that school was a series of undertakings involving forcing oneself through learning Greek, Latin and French and taking in long, laborious history lessons that delved into every minutia men could possibly imagine. Education was something one forced himself through in order to be a good citizen. To a degree, I still agree with that sentinment. One has an obligation to himself and society, if gifted with the talent of intellect, to explore the possibilities that come with being granted such abilities. But now, at this point, I feel as though I have finished exploring those things that I find less interesting. I have assured myself finally that they are, in fact, less interesting. And now I can proceed to the most interesting things.

I feel somewhat ashamed that my natural inclination is towards engineering. I hold philosophy and political power in such esteem that I wish I were more inclined to be obsessed with them. While they remain an interest, when I am thinking most honestly, I day dream more of a life interacting with the physical world as a creator rather than a career interacting with the social world as a statesman.

I hold other studies above engineering as well. I appreciate the world of fiction, poetry and the art of words. But to make a full-time study of it I’m afraid would leave me feeling a bit detached from the more visceral experience I crave. Perhaps later in life I could take a small sebatical to make such a study but only after I have been immersed in the physical world for a sustained period. Right now I want to touch refined metals with my hands and with my plans manipulate the electrons passing around and through them.

I wonder if perhaps I should not hold these other subjects of philosophy, politics and literature in higher esteem than any other. But what for is a statesman except to create a rich, peaceful environment where an inventor can create? The life of the politic is to serve the lives of others, to make their lives secure and possible. Would it not be better to be the man who takes advantage of a service rather than be the man who is saddled with the responsibility of providing the service?

I shall feel no guilt that my interests steer me towards a selfish, insular life. Even if my intellect is one that allows me to be a superior statesman (and I would not be terribley surprised nor upset if my intellect were proven not to be of such a caliber) I do not believe that such a blessing of talent comes along with a weighted yolk.

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