Back To Class

I’ve come to fear the bulging of my email inbox that always happens this time of year as professors send off mass emails to all the incoming students. I’m afraid to open emails. They always hold assignments, or criticisms, or requests for forms to be filled out. I have yet to enjoy man’s fundamental right to be left alone.

Class starts on Tuesday. At the end of this semester I will be halfway through law school. That’s encouraging. I just need to eek by through my classes and focus on building my budding real estate empire as much as possible.

I realized that I only have one September left to fear. After that I can think of the fall as a time of harvest, canning, independent study and lining up my winter video game and movie queues. Instead of a time of dealing with inane requests, piles of paperwork, long commutes and mountainous tuition bills.

Here we go.

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