The Kid In The Back

I was attending some commencement ceremonies the other weekend. At one point a distinguished middle-eastern man was being introduced as a speaker. He had several impressive accreditations and awards to his name. I couldn’t help but to feel a bit envious and impatiently thought, “Big deal. I’ll have all that soon enough too.”

Then he started on with his address and, frankly, it was a little bit of a bore so I went back to my reading. I had brought a book to help get me through the long waiting periods of the day while frantic ceremony-planners ran about trying to get everyone in their places and bored parents shifted in their seats admiring the ceiling.

Then I realized that no matter how many accolades I acquire, no matter how many degrees after my name, no matter the accomplishments or the impressiveness of the introductions: There will always be a kid in the back of the room reading a book.

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