F.I.R.E. War-Plan

Trying to project cash-flow from building up land-lording properties is easy. You just count up the monthly projected rental-income as the properties are acquired over time. Now that I have shifted my focus to rehabbing properties rather than renting them out, projecting cash-flow became difficult. You can’t be certain how long it will take a house to sell and the purchase, repair and selling prices will vary with each property and the economy that month.

Since I am an incessant planner I instead grouped the planned progress by groups of rehab projects, rather than by date, to make visualizing the process easier. Just for fun I added the war paint and innuendo. As you can see, the plan is that the rehab and sale of one house will fund the purchase and rehab of the next two houses, plus cover living expenses for me while I work on the projects.

While plans often go awry and one must remain flexible, it’s still fun to see the potential. As you can see, to exceed my financial goals I would need to rehab 19 houses similar to the project I am starting right now. To do so in 5 years would, no doubt, be more than a full-time job. But still doable.

Click for full-size:

Or there’s option two, which involves settling for a much smaller passive annual income, but puts me living the life I want to live much more quickly:

FIRE: Financially Independent, Retired Early


FIRE: Fuck It, Retire Early

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