The Money Will Follow

I met a lady today who is a lot like another lady I used to know. She asked me if I liked my job.

I said, “No.

Well, I mean, it’s ok.

I wish I could sleep in though or be working on my hobbies.”

“You should quit, then.” Was her response, “Money will come to you.”

Maybe it would. But I would prefer to have some options prepared in case it didn’t. Which requires a few more years of work and school.

The point of getting the advanced degree is two fold. Firstly, so that I have the ability to start my own practice and set a workload I am comfortable with. And also so that if I do find that I need to go get a job I will be able to be selective and demand a high salary. I would hate to have to go begging for work if things ever turned sour.

In addition it will be helpful with entrepreneurial endeavors to not have to hire legal counsel ever since I will have a pretty good idea of what I am doing. Unless I got into a situation where I needed a legal specialist, but if I were in that situation I would probably also be in the situation of having the funding available to hire such counsel.

I think the power and security appeals to me as well. In a society where we sue instead of punch, well, a law degree is kind of like learning how to box. I will be able to strike out or strike back and not have to worry about blowing tens of thousands on representation since I’d be able to handle it myself.

With such a sense of security I’d feel good about not working, but instead just living off some meager investments, and working on my entrepreneurial endeavors with all my leisure time. Then, likely, the lady will turn out to be right, and the money will come.

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