Taxes And Worry

I paid a $1,400 tax bill several months ago and just now realized there was a mistake on it. I was in fact owed a refund of $1,400. So now I am due a refund of $2,800 which has me quite happy.

It is timely too. Lately work has slowed down and I am beginning to worry about the real potential of a lay-off. If one happens it would go by seniority so I would be the first to go. I have it made with a job I am good at. It offers me enough down time to catch up on school work during the day. And most of all it pays all of my tuition expenses. If I lost it not only would I be out my income but I would be faced with massive tuition bills that before I hadn’t had to worry about.

My rational side is telling me to calm down though. Two months from now the company will begin bringing over twenty towns online, expanding our network, and giving us enough work to last another year or so easily. Then, with the expanding of the network, simply maintaining it requires more hands. Equipment goes bad, weather and tall trucks bring lines down, people move or change their service. If anything they will be hiring more people in the next few years.

Secondly, even if I were laid off, I would be entitled to unemployment benefits which would keep me afloat for six months. In addition, with my retirement savings and the tax windfall I just received, I now have enough money to cover the last two semesters of my tuition with cash if I had to. Then I could simply go onto grad school by financing the hell out of it like everybody else.

Finally, if a lay off were in the works it would take a fair amount of time to execute. The company moves slow and the process of laying people off while staying in-line with our collective-bargaining agreement takes months. By then my fall semester will have been paid for and I need only worry about the spring. That means I would only have to cover about $3,250 on my own. Doable.

I will be especially relaxed come October. That’s when the final spring tuition bill will be cleared and I won’t really care if I get laid off or not. I’m seriously considering quitting anyway the following summer in order to focus on grad school. So here I go, holding my breath for six months.

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