Today I’m moving all my junk. I’m leaving the metropolis and heading back to rural New England for a few months for a short sojourn from the city while I bring my summer to an end and start taking a serious look at purchasing some real estate. It should be a nice break from the stoic, cold, crowded commuters I have been trapped with for the past couple of months, on my daily treks to my summer job. I am borrowing a truck to move all my large stuff, just leaving some clothes and a toothbrush behind to get me through the last week.

It is times like these I am quite pleased I’m a minimalist. There isn’t one thing I can’t carry single-handed. As I have in the past, I have thrown just as many things into the dumpster as I have into the suitcase. When you have a place to put things, things tend to get put into it. Over time they pile up. It takes real discipline to keep it from happening. I don’t have that discipline. Fortunately though, I have the wherewithal to throw it all out come spring-cleaning or moving time. I admit it feels a little wasteful to throw perfectly useful things out. But the real waste, you have to remind yourself, is in the energy you expend hauling all that junk around with you wherever you move.

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