I signed a lease on an apartment that is just 3 or 4 blocks from where I work. I will be going from a 35-40 minute driving commute to a 4-7 minute walking commute. It is a one bedroom. The building is a bit run down but no one can beat the location or the price.

It will be $575/month and the only utility I will have to pay will be the electric. Unfortunately it also has electric heat. But it is a small space so hopefully that bill won’t be too outrageous come January. I’m absconding with my bed from home, to my parent’s dismay, and I will be buying a few appliances in the coming months to make chores easier.

I signed a six-month lease that, when expired, turns into an at-will agreement. That will be a load-off since work is always threatening to relocate me to another part of the state. So getting up and moving won’t be too stressful.

The best part of it is that I suddenly have an extra 90 minutes in my day. I will be able to sleep an extra 45-50 minutes later every morning. And I will be able to start my afternoon time earlier as well.

It is a short stone’s throw from the train station as well so when I get home from class late at night I’ll be able to saunter home and collapse right into bed. I won’t have to worry about my old car breaking down on the way to work since I’ll be walking. My morning commute was also probably the most dangerous part of my life so my risk of death is now suddenly lowered. Then there is the positive effects of my more environmentally-conscious commuting option.

I have also opted to use 100% wind-power from the utility company. It will cost me 2 cents more per kwH and will serve to make me more concious about my electric usage since I will be even more price-sensitive to it.

I have decided to pickup a washing machine that is designed for apartment dwellers. It is smaller than a typical machine and hooks into the plumbing from a sink. It will run me around $240 with shipping. I also need to pick up a roomba to keep the place clean, $225. I also have my eye on a counter-top dishwasher $250 and I will need a small AC for the summer. I will get a super-efficient one so I expect to pay up to $300 for that. So for about $1,000 I will never have to go to a laundromat, vaccuum, do dishes or be uncomfortabley hot. Not bad I think.

I will be grabbing some free furniture from the BF as well as from a friend of mine who has barns full of old furniture sitting around. I will be able to grab a coffee table and some bookshelves from her, maybe an old dresser. So the initial costs ought to be kept pretty low.

I am moving in on Tuesday.

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