A Car Again

I pulled a load of cash out of the bank yesterday. I always feel like a criminal, or international spy or morally-questionable-corporate-titan when I’m carrying a lot of cash.

I bought a car yesterday. Paid for with the cash. It’s a ten year old sedan that I hope will last me a few years while I finish school, establish a landlording business, and get a little solo law practice going. Cars usually last me a while. I never go very far. I take the commuter train a lot, and don’t object when other people offer to drive. And I am a pro when it comes to getting the absolute most out of a drive combining work/school/errands/social visits/joy rides all into one big outing every few days.

The car was cheap, I had a mechanic look it over with a fine-tooth comb, and it gets great gas mileage, so I’m quite happy with things.

The next big financial move is to buy a small apartment building. Which I have a feeling might be a little more complicated.

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