Getting Comfortable

I have discovered that law school will essentially be free for me. The tuition assistance plan at work will cover all of it. I will only have to cover the cost of the books and the train ride to get to school three days per week. This discovery, that I will not have to take out any loans or scrimp in order to cover the tuition not covered by work, has led me to the idea that I definitely ought to be attending law school. Even if my interest in it comes and goes I have nothing to lose by at least trying out the first year of it. I can always just drop out and I will not have lost anything.

So in order to help me endure the stresses of full-time work with full-time classes for the next four years I have decided that I need to get myself into a comfortable lifestyle. The first thing I will need is a nice apartment, near work. This is so that I can sleep a little later than I have been by rolling out of bed just in time for a quick shower and then a short walk over to the garage. No more stress worrying about my car breaking down or having to schedule maintenance for it since almost all of my travel will be walking. Plus, taking the train home at night after class will be much nicer knowing that I just have a ten minute walk when I get off the train rather than a twenty-minute drive.

I will need a roomba so I will not have to worry about vacuuming. A washer and dryer within the apartment building is a must to reduce the stresses of that arduous chore. -Also a dishwasher.

I will be sure to splurge on a couple of nice chairs; one for my desk and another for reclined reading. A murphy bed might be a nice investment so that I can save money by getting a studio apartment but still have it feel a little bigger than it otherwise might if a bed were constantly taking up a third of the space.

I will allow myself to eat well not worrying about the dinner bills that will accompany having to eat out on nights when I have class. A nice new laptop computer as a graduation gift might be a nice idea for next spring. Something super-thin like the Asus eee so it will not feel too heavy when I have to drag it to class. I will smoke plenty of cigars and sip lots of whiskey whenever the mood strikes me. I’ll invest in plenty of warm clothes to help get me through the winters while working.

I’ll have to pay attention to the apartment as well. Perfect lighting, a fresh aroma and the right types of inspirational and relaxing visuals on the walls will make for an uplifting environment.

All of those things ought to help ease the hectic schedule of full-time work and full-time school. The idea is to get as comfortable as possible so that at any time I can’t feel anything but lucky to be in the position I’m in.

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