Dealing With Angry Bosses

I have been working at my job for just about one year now. For the first 11 months I had the same Boss, Mel. He could sometimes be a bit of a prick. He would get moody and start yelling randomly. It was obvious he was under a lot of pressure from his bosses to improve arbitrary statistics regarding the productivity of our garage. That was early on though and he seemed to learn how to control his outbreaks.

So for the past six months I have been working without hardly ever even seeing my boss. I show up for work, get into my truck, download my work for the day onto my laptop and then drive off to get it done. I might see him once every month or every other month. And I might have to talk to him on the phone once or twice a month. He had it easy because I was competetant and got my work done and I had it easy because he left me alone. I could speed through my work and have a little time at the end of the day to myself for homework, a long, late lunch or a cigar etc. It made work enjoyable.

Unfortunately, he got promoted.

So now they have stuck us with a new boss. He has no clue about what we do so if we have questions or are dealing with an unusual problem we’re left to our own devices. That I could deal with. But what’s more is he is also an incompetent manager. Morale dropped by the third day of his reign. He has started putting letters in people’s files for trivial, TRIVIAL things. He drives out to where you are working randomly and wants to know just what you are doing and ask you why you aren’t moving faster. He calls in the middle of the day. He easily gets angry over things that frustrate him which leads to him angrily yelling into his phone and then hanging up.

He told me I have a ‘recorded tardy’ (I’m not sure there’s even a policy at work regarding tardies) because I was in my truck instead of in a meeting room at 7:30. A meeting room I was never asked to be in, ever. He could have just asked me, “Hey, Mike, from now on could you report to the meeting room in the morning when you arrive?” “Ok.” But no, instead I got, “Where were you at 7:30!?!”

He has told us he is only our boss temporarily until they can find somebody else. Though I’m suspicious of that. I suspect it is more the case that he is being ‘tried out’ for the position by upper management to see how he does. Which means it is in my and my colleagues interest to ensure he does poorly.

I wasn’t present at the time but evidently he got into a shouting match with an employee who he had tried to suspend for insubordination. They got face to face and then the boss shoved the employee to the ground. A police report was filed. After that I can’t BELIEVE the guy was not fired. It seems like the company is just begging for a lawsuit if this guy gets violent again. So hopefully he will be canned or at least shuffled around again.

But in the meantime I am just going to have to be extra-careful. I am going to be sure to be a stickler for the rules and keep my communications with him to a minimum so as not to give him any ammo to document against me. Some management style, eh? I should slip a copy of Drucker’s “The Temptation to Do Good” onto his desk when no one’s around.

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