The Rogue Computer Scientist

The law school alternative. Or, “Plan B”.

Sometimes I am tempted to forgo my post-undergraduate education for the idea of something far more romantic. Instead of scrimping and saving all my dollars and free moments in order to complete law school over the next three years I could vie for a simpler avenue.

I could forgo school and instead use the tuition money to invest in a few rental properties to help me build up my net worth at a greater rate. Within two years (before I would even be through with law school) I would be in a position to quit my job and live out the rest of my life just managing a few properties and doing whatever I liked with my free time.

I could build myself the perfect small apartment or house taking time to make sure the smallest of details are thoroughly planned out and well-designed. Maybe on a lot I already own or by refinancing to buy a new property with sufficient space for a small cottage to be added in the back. Then, perhaps, I could relax into a semi-retired life of studying the things I love: literature, writing, film, computer science, robotics, flight, politics and so much more. I may start a second career as an independent software developer or try to arrange manufacturing and marketing for some robotics projects I will have completed. Perhaps I would try to publish some writing.

These are all basically the same things I will be doing after law school. The only difference would be that they will be delayed 5 years and perhaps a touch longer since I may have to seek full-time employment for a couple of years in order to pay off student loans and re-establish a personal estate.

I just imagine waking on a crisp autumn morning to the sunlight poking its way into my living room. After a light breakfast I would sit down and begin coding away on my software project. Building and designing as I see fit. Then wrapping things up just after lunch time and committing myself to leisure for the rest of the day. Now I just need to idealize my current situation in a similar way so I’ll be just as keen on going through the rigmarole of law school and work for a little longer than I might otherwise have to.

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