1L Done

My first year of law school is complete. I had a great time with it, as predicted. On Monday I begin my summer internship at a criminal law office. It’s going to be rough waking up at 7, wearing suits and having to shave daily. But the hope is that the job will be fun enough that I look forward to going and don’t mind too much the minor inconveniences that come along with working. And if not, well, it’s only 12 weeks.

They say your first year of law school is the hardest. The rest is fluffier. The curve goes away so, theoretically, everyone in the class could get an ‘A’ if they deserved it. The curriculum is mostly electives so I can take classes that particularly interest me. And I’ve sort of learned the ropes of the law school exam process.

While I predicted I’d enjoy the first year of school, I also predicted that the 2nd year would be difficult, psychologically. And I still think that’s true. The excitement of starting something new is gone. And the excitement of being nearly finished isn’t quite there yet. I’m combating this potential malaise with a school schedule that will afford me 4-day weekends, which I have already arranged for the fall and may be able to pull off again next spring. So if school has me down I can just coast through my two class days during the week and focus on fun weekend things like sailing, hiking, camping and skiing.

Anyway, one year down, two to go. I judge this venture a success so far.

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