I joined a sailing club in town. So far I’ve been out on the water just a handful of times. I’d say, at this point, I’m a competent sailor, but I’m looking forward to taking some advanced classes in the next couple of weeks. Should be a nice way to spend a Saturday with a friend. -Just small <20′ boats so far. Though the club does have some 23 footers I’m looking forward to trying out before the summer’s through.

As a solitary activity it’s somewhat akin to smoking a cigar. It’s slow. It makes you pause. It’s something that can’t be interrupted. It causes you to sit back and take in the sights between puffs. And there are those comforting things that come along with it. -The flick of a match, the echoes of the hull as you climb aboard, the smell of the unlit tobacco just before you light up, the rustle of a filling sail, the lilting of the smoke.

I think it suits me.


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