My Affinity For Sleep

The largest impediment to me loving work is the need for me to wake up at six am. I get home at 4 pm which sounds great because it seems like I have the entire late afternoon and evening to do whatever I want. In reality though I get home tired and lay down to rest a moment and before I know it I’m waking up and it’s 9 o’clock. Then it’s back to bed just after midnight so that I can get up in time for work.

I’m considering joining a health club that isn’t too far from the path I take on my way home after work each day. This way, instead of coming home for a nap I could pop into the club for a swim, a run or some lifting and then a leisurely wind down in the sauna. Then I would be home around 6 instead of 4 but hopefully I will be energized enough to avoid a nap and instead be able to get some homework done.

I believe next week I will give it a go.

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