End of the Year

Rumors are amidst at work about a possible forced move to the southern part of the state in the next few months. The word is that they will need 40 guys to relocate. Since I’m at the bottom of the seniority list I’d be the first to be forced. Really I don’t much care either way, it is about 40 miles away though so I had better hold off on buying a house until this has blown over. All these rumors though, if I kept on listening to them I’d never buy a house.

One thing that is encouraging though is that there is another rumor saying that they will be hiring 200 more guys this spring. That would put me way up top the seniority list so I wouldn’t have to worry as much about these forced relocation rumors that keep coming up.

I have been working 60+ hour weeks lately thanks to all the ice that keeps forcing us to have to redo our work. It is nice though. I have never made money like this before. Getting closer to my goals with every hour of double-time.

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