A Retirement In Pictures

Rather than just write about what I would like to do with my retirement I thought it would be fun to shamelessly steal photos from around the internet in order to put together a visual way of representing what I’d like to do:

First, enjoy a brief career as a jurist helping to tip the scales of justice to the fairest outcomes while padding the retirement fund some more.

Hang up my hat when I’ve had enough, buy a small sailing yacht, and explore the eastern seaboard for a while. If I find the sailing life’s for me, then perhaps explorations in other seas would be in order.

When I’ve had my fill I’ll sell the boat, reconnect with family for a while. Then take off on a U.S. bike tour. I did this my summer before college and had a good time but only went about 800 miles. I’d like to at LEAST go coast to coast, perhaps a bit more.

After a short respite I think I’d also enjoy doing some long-distance hikes. Perhaps the Appalachian, perhaps Alaska in the summer, or the Continental Divide.

I know that, even after all that, there will still be some sights I have missed out on. So I think a few months of canoe-camping combined with some RV-roving would do nicely.

I think all that ought to serve to get the wanderlust out of me. If not, I could certainly also allow myself to try a typical 10 day vacation somewhere like most working people. Or also sign a 6 month apartment lease in some exotic city before I finally decide to really settle down.

When I am finally ready to take off the traveling shoes I think I’d ultimately settle in a rural northern area. Somewhere with relatively cheap land, lots of space, but still only a few hours drive from some museums and theaters for when I need a taste of that.

I’d like to park the RV on the land and live in it while I build myself a rural, river-side, one-bedroom cabin that can be wood-heated and powered primarily by a hydro-electric generator. With lots of glass to make spending time indoors during the winters less stifling.

With a totally off-grid electrical system using hydro, wind and solar power.

An attached green house for year-round gardening.

A garage space for building cool things.

The first project coming out of the garage will undoubtedly be a fully-automated photo-bioreactor for harvesting vegetable oil from algae for use in diesel automobiles converted to run off straight vegetable oil. It also may be able to produce a sizable amount of ethanol from the leftover biomass once the oil is extracted.

I like old cars. I’d love to take a cheap, old car off someone’s hands, throw in a diesel engine so it can run off my homemade fuel, maybe even make it a hybrid-electric, and polish it off so it shines.

An outdoor hot tub that looks like the river just cut it naturally out of the rock. Makes winter star gazing much better.

A heated driveway so I don’t have to shovel. Extravagant? Yes. Do I care? Clearly not.

A motorcycle. Something that could be used both on and off road would be ideal.

A trailerable motorboat for the occasional week-long trip to Nova Scotia or New York or Bermuda when I get that longing for the sea. I think maybe I’d like to try to build one from scratch. Or at least refurbish an old one. And it would run off the algae fuel of course.

I could never retire without knowing that I would be able to nurse my video game addiction. Some arcade space carved out of a basement or attic would be nice.

All followed by a quiet life of leisure spent in comfort and peace filled with tinkering, programming and lawyering.

RV photograph courtesy Philip Greenspun

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