Spring Cigar

The weather has finally been warming up in Boston. With the temperature getting into the 50′s regularly it’s time to start smoking again. I think you know you are an addict when you’re standing outside in 10 degree weather in order to suck down half a cigarette as fast as you can. I’ve never done that and can’t fathom a smoke being good enough to make enduring such cold worth it.

But on a sunny afternoon, when I’m walking to school or just needing to get away from the books or computer for a bit, a nice sit down on a bench with a slow-burning cigar hits the spot. – The aroma of the aged leaf, the sound of the strike of a match, the way the smoke lilts into the air off your fingertips. Every bit of it is a joy. It makes me feel calm, peaceful and rich. One thing I miss, since moving to the city, is having a smoke while going for a drive. I only drive rental cars now from time to time and of course, they all ban smoking.

And the winter can be so long that I forget that I am indeed a smoker. And on a spring day when I light up again for the first time, I remember why.

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