After a couple of interviews I have secured a summer internship at a local prosecutor’s office. It will be 40 hrs/week for about 2 1/2 months during the summer. It should be an enjoyable time putting bad guys in jail, learning to navigate the courts and coming to the rescue of the victimized. It’s a good position to have secured because firstly, it will be fun, tremendously educational, and provide me with a great opportunity to see if I am actually going to enjoy the day to day life of the job I am working towards after graduation. And secondly, because it will look great on the resume and allow me to have a better shot at getting the position I want next summer, which is typically followed by a job offer pending graduation.

I am particularly pleased that I have an offer at my place of choice so early on in the process since it means I can relax for the rest of the semester and I don’t have to put up with doing any more interviews.

Meanwhile the doldrums of winter roll on. Spring break is in two weeks and after that it’s just 7 weeks until the end of the first year of law school. I have submitted my request for financial aid and can expect an answer in April sometime. I’m anxious to see the numbers since they will have a significant effect on how many years I am going to have to work before I reach financial independence and then early retirement.

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