“I Wouldn’t Know What To Do With All That Time!”

Fools! “I wouldn’t know what to do with all that time!” Is a fairly typical response I get when I mention to people at a party or wherever that I have plans for extremely early retirement. And these aren’t even people who like their jobs. It appears they just aren’t sure how to occupy themselves without direction. What a miserable existance that must be. – No desire, no plans, no distractions, just a schedule.

Hiking, film, video games, swimming, theater, writing, reading!, creating, making music, fixing cars, programing, prototyping, inventing, discussing, politicing, museums, gardening, golf, canoeing, sailing, motorcycle road trips, bicycle road trips, visiting friends, cooking really great meals, matinĂ©es, festivals, art, sunrises, practicing piano, sleeping late, staying up late, making wine, making liquor, making friends, school, experiments… Even half of those things would be enough for me.

When I make lists like that I get depressed at how many of my hours have to be sold away in exchange for money that only serves to keep me alive so that I can go to work the next day. Fortunately for me, it is not quite so viscious as that. The large large majority of my money is going directly into savings and creating a trust fund for myself so that I won’t have to worry about where my food comes from in the near future. – A time that gets closer and closer in my mind and in reality with each passing work day.

In the meantime those great activities listed above are dabbled in on weekends and after work. But only after the bulk of my energy has been sold off. I don’t know how, I don’t know how so many people go into life assuming they will be employed for the bulk of it. I wouldn’t make it.

I just ordered a development board for creating embedded systems. It was tough dropping $300 on it. $300 fewer dollars in the brokerage account. But it is something I’ve been wanting to get into for quite a while. How I wish I had the better part of the day to dedicate to it. Soon though, and then my complaint will change from work taking up too much time to hobbies taking up too much time. – A problem I would much prefer.

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