The Close of Winter Break

I have had a short, but wonderful winter break. My last exam was on the 22nd of December and I go back to class tomorrow. That’s 19 days off by my count. Three were spent traveling, one was spent moving and another was filled with family (however delightful) obligations, leaving me with 14 days to myself. I have had a great time mostly catching up on magazines, TV shows, blogs and video games, you know, relaxing. I think what makes me different from most people, and hence amenable to an early retirement lifestyle, is that I never understand people when they say, “Oh, I’m glad to be back at work. I was going stir-crazy sitting around the house.” Are they kidding? There are so many more subjects I would read about if I had the time, shows I would follow, and the video games, oh the video games I could play. And when you get bored of perusing content that itch to start creating comes: What if I wrote a few articles? Or a screen-play? Or a game? Wouldn’t that be fun?

And many of these people have more resources than I do. They have yards to garden in and garages to tinker in with cars to tinker on. Oh the things I could do!

But alas! Tomorrow I begin my quest anew. I am fortunate in that I am actually quite enjoying school and am looking forward to my new classes. It is not as if I have to grab my lunch pale and head back down to the factory assembly line after my short vacation. My work is stimulating and ultimately working towards a greater good. But ironically, the best thing about going back is that I know I am getting closer to my goal of not having to go back.

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