Guaranteed 2,200% ROI

So about 3 weeks ago I went to the grocery store and bought over 50 cans of frozen juice concentrate. Today it is actively fermenting in the corner of the kitchen.

I’ve got strawberry, red grape and a peach that will all be delicious wines soon enough.

The price? Less than 50 cents a bottle.

I took up wine making because I loved drinking the stuff and wanted to get into the habit of drinking it with almost every dinner. The problem was, as a broke college student (and now as a penny pinching potential early retiree) I couldn’t afford $10-$15 for a bottle of it every single day. So I looked into what it takes to make it and it turns out: Not much.

Basically I just take some welch’s concentrate, a bit of wine-making yeast and a boat load of sugar and mix ‘em all up. There are a couple of chemicals you have to add just to prevent spoiling and make the wine appear clear, but their costs are negligible.

Now I just sit back, listen to everyone go on about how hip I am because I make wine. And in about one year enjoy bottle after bottle of the sweet nectar.

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