A Nice Period

It seems as though I am experiencing yet another “retirement preview” thanks to my unemployment. I’ve entertained thoughts of, after retiring, going back to school to pick up what I missed on the first go-round. Without having to work, spending my mornings studying mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics would be a delight. With absolutely no pressure over GPA’s or mounting debt, the experience would be entirely new. A well-paced study schedule, coupled with satisfying comprehension and ample contemplation might be near to heaven.

I am almost there now. Without work my schedule is clear to focus on class. It’s not quite perfect, there is worry about financing the final two years, and I am forced to take some classes in subjects that I would prefer only to have a casual acquaintance with, but otherwise I am practically already experiencing the life I hope to live in another 8 years or so down the road when all my financial goals are realized.

It is as if I am already rich.

Chalk Board

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