Weekend Fun

Last weekend was jam-packed. On the way home from work on Friday afternoon I stopped in to visit a friend who lives directly along my daily commute. He gave me a beer and we shot the breeze for a bit.

Then it was home to do a quick load of laundry, shower up, and head over to my friend Steve’s fairly late. We too had a couple of beers and nice conversation into the night. I crashed in his guest room and bright and early just before 6 am we got up and were out the door by 6:15 destination: the White Mountains.

After a fairly painless 2 hour drive we met up with Steve’s friend, Kirk and he joined us for a 12 mile hike summiting two 4,000+ ft peaks. We were treated to some great views, a cool, rambunctious dip in a swimming hole with a small waterfall, as well as a touch too much sun.

Tired around 6:30 pm we were finally back at our cars and agreed to go grab a bite to eat nearby. I had a great maple-glazed salmon and a few more beers and as we drove back to southern NH I was just glad I wasn’t in Kirk’s shoes; driving back to New York City.

I slept well that night and woke up around mid-morning on Sunday. I had tentative plans to go view some condos in Boston as I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying one in the next year or so but my friend wasn’t able to pick up his phone. So I had a healthy, if spartan, breakfast and settled down with a video game. Not more than an hour had gone by when a friend called inviting me to spend the afternoon golfing. So I borrowed my brother’s clubs and headed on out.

I hadn’t played in over a year but was surprised to find I was able to pick up right where I left off. I was hitting like an old pro by the second hole. We golfed the front 9 and then took a break for a late lunch. We, rather frugally, shared a grilled cheese sandwich and fries complete with ice cream for desert. Feeling some energy we went back to the course and actually played through another 18 holes, making it 27 for the day.

I shot a whole bunch of pars and a lot of bogeys. Missed a few moderately-difficult putts and wasn’t able to get even one birdie all day.

I got home around 7, had some boiled eggs, a potato and string beans for dinner, caught a South Park episode and collapsed into bed yet again. Tired, sun burned and happy.

A great, action-packed weekend, and actually one of my more expensive weekends, but still all it cost me was $60.

And my grandmother thinks I’m a miser because I mend my pants. I wonder what SHE did this weekend. hmmm?

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