So it is finally official. Last Friday they pulled over 200 of us aside across the state and gave us our walking papers. I wound up working at that company for 2 years, 6 months, and 3 weeks. During which I took a 30 day leave of absence, 30 days I called in sick, and 10 weeks I spent on paid vacation. By my calculations that means I actually physically showed up and worked about 512 days or 4,096 hrs. In compensation, including my tuition money, I received about $165,000. Which comes out to: $40/hr. Not too shabby. Especially considering that about half of those 4,096 hrs were spent surfing the internet and rolling cigarettes.

If you throw in the fact that I will be able to collect unemployment for the next 80ish weeks, that bumps my total take from this job up to $215,000, which would give me $52.50/hr.

The timing of the layoff could not have been much better. I just finished my undergraduate work last May. And I have already secured funding for the entire first year of law school. The unemployment income should take me a significant portion of the way through law school, meaning I won’t have to take out student loans just to pay the rent. I am looking forward to the 40 extra hours I am going to have each week. This mostly means I will no longer be sleep-deprived, no longer have an excuse not to workout, and have some time to cook myself some food rather than grabbing fast food burgers for dinner on the way home from work on my rush to class. Things will be pretty laid back for the next couple of months. But, in anticipation of the layoff, I did sign up for a heavy course load in the spring. Which ought to have me feeling sufficiently productive.

So goodbye manual labor. Goodbye shitty management. Goodbye working 40ft in the air, hanging by only a thick piece of leather, while I try to use my fingers on a 10 degree winter morning. Goodbye constant risk of death by electrocution. Goodbye commute and goodbye creosote splinters.

Cold Pole
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