Full Scholarship

I have secured spring funding for school. So this means my entire first year of law school will only cost me the few hundred dollars I spent on my books. That’s $40k down, $80k to go for the next two years. School is going well. Classes are enjoyable and not really as difficult as people would have you believe. I would say it is about equal to the difficulty of my undergraduate work. And actually, because the curriculum is so concentrated, unlike undergraduate work where I took electives in whatever I pleased, I might even say that it’s a bit easier since all the classes closely relate to one another. Concepts learned in one class apply to another. Also, the subject matter is interesting and it’s empowering to know that I am gaining a commanding knowledge of the system that governs me.

Funding the remaining two years remains up in the air though. I ought to be laid off from work any day now. I’m looking forward to the free time. Unemployment insurance ought to cover my day to day expenses. I won’t be able to save much, but at least I will be making gains academically and having a nice break to just focus on school without a simultaneous 40 hr work week to distract me.

The question is, what do I do about funding the final two years of school without my scholarship through work?

I need to mull over some scenarios.

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