I┬áhad quite the day last Thursday. First off, I was suspended from work for doing some ‘messy’ wiring. Never had any verbal or written warnings or even a mention of the neatness of my work. Then, out of the blue, the boss calls me in and says I’m taking an unpaid day off. The nerve!

The upside is it was a beautiful early autumn day so I planned on using it to hike a local mountain. So I hopped into the ’78 corolla and started driving the 10-12 miles to the mountain. I pulled off at the post office to drop off a letter I was sending to a friend. But when I put the car into park all this white smoke started billowing from the engine! Ugh. I knew exactly what it was. I had a new cooling pump put in about a month ago so I was sure it was likely a bad connection to that pump that was spewing coolant all over the engine. So I called up triple-a, what a bargain that membership is, and a tow truck was on the way.

He arrived about 40 minutes later and it turns out he was my grandmother’s ex-fiance’s son! I hadn’t seen him since I was about 6 years old but he remembered me. So on the drive back to my house in the tow truck we were shooting the breeze about my father’s family. When we reached the house I took a look under the hood and found a ruptured house going to the cooling pump. What do you expect from 30 year old rubber?

I hung around for a few hours and then hopped on my motorcycle to head towards the train station in order to get to my evening class. I stopped at some parts stores along the way, finally the third place I checked had a piece of hose that looked somewhat similar to what I needed and might work with a minor modification.

I paid for that and then motored over to the train station.

I was about to hop onto the commuter train when I realized I didn’t have any cash on me. I usually pay cash for my ticket on board. So, in a minor panic, I ran over to the ticket window in the train station and offered up my credit card. “Cash only!” The guy says to me despite the standard credit card symbols plastered on the ticket window. Annoyed, I turned around to use the ATM but, due to poor design, it couldn’t read my card. The machine required that I swipe my card along a curve along the front of the machine. You’d have to be a magician or have a brand new card to get the thing to swipe correctly. After three minutes of failed attempts with that I RAN over to a convenience store down the block. Finally I had some cash and ran back just in time to hop onto the train only after begging the conductor to let me on after he’d already closed the door.

Class went well, though I got rained on waiting for the train to go home. When I got back to Fitchburg I had to push start my motorcycle since the battery’s nearly dead. Then I rode the 9 or so miles home on some backroads enjoying the cool night after suffering through a hot and humid train ride.

Finally I settled down into my room, booted up the laptop and went to check my bank balance. It was then that I found out that my bank had gone belly-up! I was being forwarded to the FDIC’s website with information on how to file a claim to get my money back! Ugh.

Thankfully it was just about the end of the day so there wasn’t anytime for anything else to go wrong so I just passed right out.

Somehow though I managed pretty well. Nothing got me down. It was a nice day for the most part and each problem that arose had a solution. All I have to do is think of people who have it worse than me and then it’s easy to not get annoyed at petty issues. At the post office, with clouds billowing from the engine of my car I just reclined, put my hands behind my head, closed my eyes for a nap and thought, “At least I’m not in Darfur.”

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