Back To Work

It’s the last Friday before I have to go back to work. Monday I will start the routine again but not before I spend one last weekend relaxing by the lakeside in Vermont. It really has taken the entire 4 weeks off in order to get me to relax and forget about work. I look forward to a few years from now when everyday I will wake up and wonder what it is that I will do with the day.

I am somewhat eager to get back to earning money and watching my savings grow each week. It makes the end goal of my early retirement feel all that much closer. I am still in the process of securing my spring funding for graduate school, which has me just a bit nervous. The funding is all done through work and the threat of being laid-off looms a bit darker lately. Which means, not only would my savings stagnate from my diminished income, but my academic progress would be in jeopardy. I will breath a bit easier in a couple of weeks when I have official word that the spring semester is taken care of.

With that under me, having to finance the final two years of school would not be so daunting. I’d have a good 15 months of unemployment insurance income to live off of while I focus on my studies and plenty of time to apply for scholarships. With loans picking up whatever is left over of the tuition I would still be financially well-ahead of 99% of my peers.

Then, when school is over I could work for 1 – 2 years in an interesting job while I restore a sailboat and live aboard it, getting it ready for voyaging. Then take off into the sunset with over $100k in my pocket to keep me afloat at sea for as long as I desire, instead of just for a vacation day here and there.


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