Just as I was about to sit down and write a post about my first year of landlording in which my total time invested in the business was just from depositing the monthly check that arrived on time in the mail each month, I got a text message. There was a big damp spot on the wall of a bedroom closet.

The tenants have been a dream. Since they moved in just over a year ago I haven’t heard so much as a peep out of them. They mail their monthly rent early. And from the few times I’ve driven by the house, I can see they take care of the place. The yard is always mowed and the place looks tidy.

So a few weeks ago they texted me about the water problem. It was on an interior bedroom closet, away from any water pipes, so I knew it was a roof leak. I headed up there the next day, borrowed a ladder, found a spot where some shingles had been blown loose by the wind, and patched and replaced everything up, good as new. They told me quickly enough so that there really shouldn’t be any interior water damage once things dry out.

The whole repair, including driving around to get my tools and borrow a ladder, took maybe a  little over two hours and didn’t cost me a dime since I had some left over shingles laying around. Not exactly my favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon. But a couple hours of work once a year? I can’t complain. Especially since it was such a nice day. The sun was peaking through the clouds and a nice breeze swept away any heat that tried to accumulate on the black asphalt roof.

So I’d say landlording’s still a pretty easy gig so far.

Here’s hoping for another relatively trouble-free year.


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