I just upgraded my gaming pc. I took out the old video card and threw in a new one.  Plus I’ll be putting in an extra 2 GB’s of RAM next week. The total cost of the upgrade was less than $200 yet it already feels like a whole new computer. I built this rig over 2 years ago with expandability in mind. I built it to play all the modern games, at that time, that I wanted to be playing. Last week, for the first time, I installed a game that could not be played on the maximum graphical settings. So I did what any self-respecting hobby-gamer would do, spent money.

I fully expect this upgrade to carry me through another 2 years of gaming. — Maybe 3. At which point, as a self-given graduation gift I may have to build myself a new one so I will have something respectable to take me through my Masters in Software Engineering. Still, building a new rig isn’t going to break the bank since I already have a great case I can reuse, a power supply that should still work fine, a DVD-R drive, leaving me to just buy a new MoBo, processor, RAM, video card, and hard drive. Shouldn’t run me more than $800.

Video gaming might seem like one of those expensive hobbies because of all the electronics involved. But if you’re smart and buy equipment that’s 6 months behind the bleeding edge, look for deals, put it together yourself and reuse old components it can actually be a pretty great deal when you consider all the hours of entertainment it brings. I expect on a $cost/hrs of use basis it is actually cheaper than most alternatives.

Besides, if it weren’t for video games, there’d be nothing keeping me from living a completely ascetic, luddite lifestyle.

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