Getting Too Ambitious

Now that I’m back in school my mind is all a-twitter with possibilities. Still a year away from graduation I’m looking into graduate schools and the possibility of law school.

Then, something happened at work, the boss claims I’m being ‘messy’ with my work. The nerve. Though it turns out, after reviewing how some other guys do their work, mine does look messy and I’ve decided to take steps to make my jobs works of art from now on. Even so the boss is murmuring about suspending me for a day!


The news got me a bit worried at first. But then I realized why. My education hinges upon the company paying for it. And my retirement plans are all contingent upon my steady employment. I don’t like that, that my plans can be so easily wiped away. So to deal with it I’ve decided to place less importance upon my plans.

So what if I don’t graduate or ever get to grad school? Big deal! And if it takes longer to retire due to unemployment, well good, I’ll just consider the unemployment as another little ‘retirement preview’ while I look for a job that suits me better. And so, by lacking ambition, I allow myself the ability to ponder, dream, rest easy and relax with the freedom that a worry-free mind enables.

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